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Landscapers' Advantage Testimonials

1. Barb B., Birdsboro, PA. November 22, 2006: "My husband and I just finished our second season with Landscapers' Advantage Compost in all our flower and vegetable beds- the harvest this year has been amazing! We have enjoyed the best strawberries, cucumbers and broccoli of our lives and have had the prettiest flowers in the neighbrhood! All of the neighbors love to stroll past our house in the early evening just to admire our display of color- of course we send them home happy with some freshly picked tomatos or summer squash... I am thinking  we are going to expand the garden in the spring! Landscapers' Advantage has really made our beloved garden the lush paradise that every home gardener dreams of-- thanks so much!!"           

2. Mark and Linda S., Gilbertsville, PA. October 29, 2006: "We applied Landscapers' Advantage Agricultural Compost to all of our hayfields in July. We were absolutely thrilled to be able to get 2 more cuttings out this year for our 60 dairy cows to enjoy over this winter. We are going to treat all our corn and soybeans to Landscapers' Advantage as well and look forward to a record setting harvest next season!"                                                                                   

3. Patrick C., Douglassville, PA. October 17, 2006:  "As manager of a 600 acre farm I am always on the lookout for anything that will make our operation more efficient. I was first introduced to Landscapers' Advantage Agricultural Compost by a neighboring farmer- he swore by it and urged me to try it this year. Well, I was skeptical in early spring but I was impressed within 2 weeks of our corn and beans sprouting- we had crops all year that were the best ever! I used the product in my home vegetable patch and had the best and tastiest tomatos and cucumbers in the state! Your product is amazing!"                                                                       

4. Jim, Mark, Chico, Steve (landscaping contractors), Skippack, PA. October12, 2006: "We are often called to literally 'make grass grow on a rock' - with Landscapers' Advantage as part of our soil amendment program we can fully guarantee our work in the most difficult growing situations! Your product gives us consistently amazing results and keeps our phones ringing!  Thanks so much!"                                                                                               

5. L.B., Gilbertsville, PA. October 1, 2006: "On our 90 acre truck garden  we grow anything from sorghum to strawberries. We started using Landscapers' Advantage Compost in midseason and noticed great results within 2 weeks after application! Our crops are healthier; a darker,  richer green and have better taste than any we have ever grown here! Thanks!

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