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Land Application

How Well Is Your Soil Performing?

• Are you having problems getting your crops to grow?

• Do you need a better product to jump start plantings?

• Do your soils stay saturated longer than normal?

• Do you have difficulty meeting crop nutrient requirements for the length of the crop life?

Works best in neutral pH soils. Compost can raise the pH of soils, reducing or eliminating the need for liming. Our compost pH ranges from 6.5 to 8.5.

The plant's biggest nutrient need is nitrogen. There are two kinds of Nitrogen in our compost.
Ammonium Nitrogen is what gives plants a “jump start”.

Organic nitrogen is what sustains continual nitrogen supply it takes years to break all of the organic Nitrogen down.

Landscapers Advantage™ is approved for unrestricted distribution and has a wide variety of uses. It contains various trace elements, which at various levels are necessary for crop growth.

Quantitative data is available upon request. Application instruction sheets are provided to each purchase.

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