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July 22-24, 2008
The Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg was the site of the third annual Pennsylvania Green Expo showcasing plants, tools and many “going green” items and ideas from vendors from over 40 states. Held July 22-24, the show was well attended by people from throughout the region who are looking for ideas to enhance their businesses. A&M Compost had a display that was staffed by Mark Hubbard, General Manager of the factory in Manheim; John Hopkins, Assistant Director of Transportation; Barry Snyder, Senior Sales Rep for the division; and of course, Frank Sau, Communications Director, who made a very eye-catching display!

New for this year was a “Guess the Plant” contest, winner receiving a truckload of compost! Out of dozens of entries, only 5 people recognized Barry’s Avocado tree! There were also 2 cashew trees on display, which no one guessed! The message was that our compost is great for every type of plant- people were entertained as well as challenged- great fun for all!

During the show, we became the first compost manufacturer in Pennsylvania to become registered with the PA Dept. of Agriculture and certified in the “PA Preferred” program! This is quite an honor for all the staff at A&M and reflects to the world how outstanding their work is! Well Done!!

February 2008: Matt Mascaro, Compliance Manager, landed, (no pun intended) a new account for A&M Composting. About a month ago Matt started a baseball league for him and his friends, they’re called the Royersford Rockies.The Royersford Rockies not only found a home field, but were able to add an additional account to Landscaper’s Advantage™. We will start with one field for now, but we want to cover the whole area, hopefully with proven results, it will happen.

Team owner, Matt Mascaro, was able to conduct an agreement with Limerick township, at the Manderach Park complex, to not only use their field, but apply the Class A Compost. The compost was delivered on January 22nd and will have the field ready to go by the time the Royersford Rockies make their debut in the BuxMont Men’s Senior Baseball League.

We went out and took a couple of pictures of the baseball field before we applied any of the compost. We will see what happens in the spring when the weather changes. As you can see from the below picture the field needs some help. We are hoping that our compost does the job because this complex also has a soccer field along with eight other recreational fields. Matt and the Rockies, with the aid of Landscaper's Advantage Class A Compost, look to field the nicest field in the league. Good job, Matt.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007: Big news over at A&M. Composting. They have a whole new market. In July we received a permit to sell our compost throughout the state of New Jersey. This is big news for us. A&M is very excited about receiving this permit.

The mood and the pace is picking up dramatically at A&M with lots of good things happening both in the plant and out in the field! Finishing our second month of producing the best compost yet in the new facility is garnering a great deal of attention in the agricultural industry—long overdue and well deserved. Our first New Jersey account took delivery on July 12th and have already reordered! On July 18th, the PA Department of Agriculture invited A&M to become a “PA Preferred” vendor with Landscapers’ Advantage Compost.

This will help greatly with adding value to our product. We have now delivered over 2000 yards of compost to the Manheim Park project and look forward to seeing the finished park- just 6 miles away from the factory, surrounded by a mix of homes, businesses and farms. They are all happy to see the former eyesore turned into a place of tranquil beauty- we are happy to have been able to help.We now have a “Landscaper’s Advantage Compost Hotline”- anyone can order compost 24 hours a day (and get free gardening advice from Barry) by calling 610-582-0692. Tell your friends and family!

Friday, July 6, 2007: A&M is donating 2016 cubic yards of finished compost to the Borough of Manheim for establishment of a memorial park to honor the many hundreds of residents who lost their lives from asbestos exposure at the Raybestos factory in downtown Manheim. We are proud to be able to put the finishing touch on a reclamation project that has taken many years and many tears to accomplish. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of all the victims and we hope that this new park will help in the healing process for all the townspeople. A job well done by all the staff at A&M Composting.

Friday, November 17, 2006: It was sunny for a welcome change and provided the perfect weather for the annual meeting of the Eastern Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Operaters Association. The meeting was hosted this year by the Upper Montgomery Joint Authority's Wastewater  Treatment Facility overlooking the picturesque Green Lane Reservoir near Pennsburg. A & M Composting was represented by Matt Mascaro, Frank Sau, and Barry Snyder. The pictures, literature and samples of our Class A compost generated a great deal of interest with everyone who visited our display. This "mini convention" is an excellent way to educate our customers and get information on any recent advances made in our field. A & M Composting's "Landscapers Advantage" compost is considered the best quality product made in America; it's always nice to be able to proudly display our accomplishments to our peers in the industry-- a good day was had by all!     

October 3, 2006: The Boyertown Soccer Club has chosen Landscapers' Advantage Compost for the renovation of 14 soccer fields this Winter. Director of Field Operations Steve Rubiello is very pleased with the ease of application and the consistent results on even the hardest used fields.  The kids deserve the best we can give them!                      

September 27, 2006: Landscapers' Advantage Compost was chosen to be the soil amendment for the new Manheim Township High School construction project in Lancaster, PA. A total of over 1,700 cubic yards of our product was needed to construct a new soccer field, a lacrosse field, and all the new landscaping on campus. This $40 Million project, being built by Lobar, Inc. is expected to be completed next year and will be a showcase educational facility serving a proud community. Project Superintendent William McCord chose Landscapers' Advantage Compost because of consistent quality and performance in the field. "Whenever the earth is disturbed by construction, it is imperative to rebuild the topsoil as quickly as possible. Replanting and hardy growth are essential elements in eliminating erosion and drainage issues ." We look forward to posting pictures this Spring of the new fields, Bill! Thanks for choosing us!                                                             
September 1, 2006: After a busy Spring and Summer season we are thrilled to be receiving so many positive reports from our friends and customers! Gardeners, farmers, landscapers, and contractors have all been extremely happy with results so far this year. Yield forecasts have been revised upward on most of the farms in our program and everyone is excited about that!     


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PA Green Expo
PA Green Expo a Huge Success for Landscapers’ Advantage and A&M Composting
This is a after shot. Image was not altered in any way. image taken one month later in March 2008
This is a before shot. Image was not altered in any way. image taken in February 2008
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Manheim High School, Lancaster, PA

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