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Have You Considered Biosolids Compost?

Biosolids compost is the product of aerobic biological decomposition of biosolids (sewage sludge) and wood chips. Our Class A compost meets EPA and DEP standards for use with food crops.

Biosolids compost is the ultimate form of recycling.

Typical Uses and Applications

• Farming and Agriculture use.
• Landscaping
• Nurseries
• Tree Farms
• Gardens
• Topsoil Blending
• Land Reclamation
• Golf Courses and more!

Landscapers Advantage™ meets EPA and DEP Exceptional Quality Class A Standards.

Safe for food crops!

Landscapers Advantage™ is produced at a fully permitted facility.

Provides crops with sustained nutrient availability. It only takes a few days to germinate with Landscapers Advantage. Provides soil with organic matter as well as increases pore space and improves water-holding capability.

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