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About A&M Composting

We are a third generation family enterprise dedicated to waste management, conservation and recycling for all sectors of society. We are very proud of our 42 year history of finding and perfecting environmental solutions. Our corporate culture stresses the importance of family on every level- this philosophy attracts the best and brightest people throughout our firm. The products and services we offer reflect our pride in all that we do!

Our composting technology is the perfect blend of nature and technology-- we produce the very best plant food available! Our compost not only returns to the soil the nutrients extracted by normal plant life cycles, it provides a healthier, happier growing medium for future plant prosperity. Compost is nature's answer to complete the cycle of life- waste materials are naturally returned to the soil to ensure future soil health and plant vigor.

We hope that you will find many answers to your plant growing questions here at our site. We are sure that you will enjoy many future seasons of bumper harvests!

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